High Speed Wireless Internet

About One ISP

All-In-One Wireless Inc.

A Michigan corporation, was founded in 2002 by Jason Smith and is a communications company providing quality communications products including Fixed wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-point, VoIP Local and Long Distance Service, Internet Service and other communications services that can be delivered over our fixed wireless connections. All-In-One Wireless’ communication services use state-of-the art technologies to deliver application-sensitive, high-quality services at competitive prices.


All-In-One Wireless provides some urban and mainly rural areas of all sizes within Western Michigan with a “wireless” infrastructure that directly connects a subscriber to the All-In-One Wireless network without the dependence on the local telephone phone company. What this provides to the subscriber is a less expensive, more reliable, and higher quality alternative to the current land-wired products now being used to deliver these services.

All-In-One’s Wireless Broadband Service

  • Guarantees and supports stated downlink/uplink speeds.
  • Makes online experiences enjoyable to customers, and
  • Is not dependent on the local telephone company.

All-In-One's use of state-of-the-art equipment will yield significant advantages. It utilizes equipment featuring open services architecture (OSA), so it can easily expand its service capacity and serve additional customers. Much like adding a RAM chip to a computer to create more memory, All-In-One’s equipment incorporates plug and play technology. This avoids the expense of adding a new gateway and integration problems associated with traditional telephony systems.

Further, OSA allows All-In-One to implement new service offerings by adding new software that has enhanced functions versus adding new equipment.

Additionally, as Video/DVD on Demand, Multicasting, Internet Television Services, WEB Broadcast applications and demand continue to grow and develop, All-In-One’s offerings will become paramount to the business and institutional consumer.

All-In-One is in a position to provide its wireless broadband services to businesses, residences, and institutions anywhere within its coverage areas, whether in housing developments, commercial complexes, government and other institutions, a VPN environment or a single facility solution.


Jason Smith, President and General Manager has over 10 years of business experience in the Internet industry including positions as CEO, VP - Treasurer, VP – Sales, Sales Manager, Technical Support Manager, and Operations Manager through his previous Internet startup Company, PathWay Internet Services Incorporated. Before starting PathWay, he attended Greenville High School, worked as their first student technician, and developed and operated the school’s first electronic bulletin board system. Mr. Smith has an extensive technical background, a good business background, and owns 100% of the stock.

Management Philosophy

All-In-One Wireless’ management philosophy stems from Mr. Smith’s personal commitment to helping both employees and customers alike. This philosophy is stated best in a quote by noted sales trainer and speaker Zig Ziglar. He states “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want”.

This philosophy of helping others carries through all areas of the Company. In helping end-users, and the Company’s employees, All-In-One Wireless will be able to retain both end-users and quality employees. Retaining quality employees will be one of the hardest challenges for management as the employment market for skilled people with Internet experience is fierce and highly competitive.

Mr. Smith further believes that:

1. All-In-One Wireless exists to service its customers. All-In-One Wireless is here to provide a service to its customers. The Company is committed to providing the ultimate in service and reliability to its customers. All-In-One Wireless always wants its users to truly believe that they are getting their money’s worth so that they tell others as well.

2. Employees are the Company’s most important assets. Hiring and training employees at all levels are essential to providing the Company’s high level of service and reliability. Without our employees, the Company could not keep customers happy and therefore would not have a viable business model.

3. Good service will be rewarded while bad service will be punished. Service is king at All-In-One Wireless. Those employees who constantly provide good service to our customers will be rewarded. Those who do not provide good service are not an asset to the Company, and will be reprimanded appropriately. The Company will also hold weekly meetings that include a 15-minute session on helpful tips to help service customers better. The Company will also ask employees to share success stories, tips, and news items that will be good for cross training as well as morale.